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Jacquelynn Kaminski Poem About Hoveround

I looked toward Heaven and reached for a star
I couldn’t get one; they were much too far
I realized my star was right here on the ground
My star on earth is my Hoveround. I wander through life, without stress or strife
As I have been given a second chance at life
I can now explore paths untaken and go all around
Since I got my power chair, my Hoveround.

I have lived in a Senior Citizens building for five years. There are a number of power wheelchairs here.

As an active volunteer in Law Enforcement, I never dreamed I would someday be in need of one. When I did become disabled, I started scrutinizing each electric wheel chair in this building. It didn’t take long to make a decision. I chose Hoveround.

I am constantly stopped by other power chair drivers stating they wish they had chosen a Hoveround. I am beginning to feel like a ‘Moving Star.’ My life is back to normal now. I can do practically everything I used to do. The only difference is, I do it sitting down.

Thank you, Hoveround, for producing the best power chair out there.
Jacquelynn Kaminski

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