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Complete Hoveround DVD Transcript

Hi, I’m Tom Kruse, Founder and President of Hoveround.

For 25 years, we’ve been providing freedom and independence for those with limited mobility.
From the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty, and everywhere in between, Hoveround owners have been given the opportunity to take their lives back and be “Free to See the World.”

If you or a loved one suffer from impaired mobility… After viewing this video, you will clearly see what Hoveround can do for you – and why more people choose Hoveround than any other power chair!
We’ll show you why Hoveround is the best choice for your mobility needs. We’ll also give you the knowledge you need to make getting a Hoveround power chair as easy as 1-2-3... 

At Hoveround, we design, develop, and deliver innovative mobility solutions that make a difference in the lives of our users.

– We’re going to talk to Tom about the story of Hoveround.

I’m a nurse by profession. And from there I went into Durable Medical Equipment.  That is all things that are durable: canes, walkers, manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs.  What I noticed was, with the power wheelchairs particularly, they were just manual
chairs with motors on them. They were big and bulky. They didn’t maneuver well.  And they didn’t really provide the accommodation people needed in their homes to go the places that they used to walk. 

And we knew if we could find a way to build a product that was small enough to go where people normally walk, we could change lives. That’s why I tell people, Hoveround was designed to be “Round for a Reason.”

How does it make you feel, as the inventor of the Hoveround, knowing that you’ve changed so many people’s lives?

I will tell you Megan, the stories that we hear every day and the impact this has on people’s lives never ceases to amaze us.  I don’t know, I kind of feel like I was put here to do this. We’ve changed a lot of people’s lives, and we all feel good about it.


I build great wheelchairs for people... to help them in their lives.  But the difference isn’t just the chair.  It’s the chair in combination with what it allows people to do. It’s just inspirational, how much of a difference it makes.
This is one solid, well-built, piece of machinery.

With the Hoveround you can get places and do things that you couldn’t normally do.

TESTIMONIAL: (Coach Sonny)
My Hoveround is an extension of my legs. Instead of me running to where I need to go, I roll. 

Hoveround has changed the lives of these users and their families. And a Hoveround can do that for you,
– with a full line of mobility products and collection of customizable features, suggested by our users, –

– it’s no surprise that Hoveround is America’s number one choice in power chairs.

But is having a Hoveround right for you?

[Why Do You Need A Hoveround?]

Ask yourself, are you unable to get around in your home safely?
You’re not alone. More than one third of adults 65 and older fall each year1 –
– and falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for those 65 years and older2.
Most people we talk to already used some manual device. They were ultimately unable to use them safely and effectively any longer. But no one wants to wind up in a nursing home, unless there is no other alternative. 

Let’s face it, the key is to find a product that will assure you that you’ll be able to continue to live in your home and be independent in all your activities, from getting from room to room; your bedroom to the bathroom; and on to the kitchen; and even outside.

That’s why, at Hoveround, we like to say,  “With a Hoveround, you are free to see the world.”

 My life has been so much better since I got the Hoveround. I’ve got seven grandchildren and they’re all active, and I can be active with them.

We go to Disney World. We go to Atlantis. We go to Vegas. We go all over.  And the kids go with me. 
It’s my legs… Something I lost seven years ago. I got it back. I couldn’t do it without a Hoveround.

Whether it’s traveling to faraway places with your Hoveround, or going shopping, or to the park, your Hoveround is there to provide you with years of both indoor and outdoor freedom.
Your Hoveround can also be customized to meet the medical needs you have today and into the future.

We’ll work with you and your doctor to make sure your chair is perfect for you.
“Patients ask me, “If I get a Hoveround, does that mean that I’m giving up?”
“Well I tell them this, “Absolutely not!”

“I find that once patients get a Hoveround, they become more socially engaged. They begin to do more activities that they otherwise would not have considered. They find that they’re having more fun, interact with their family more; This is all a very positive interaction with their health situation.
I find that people who get happier are less focused on their pain, and some of the disabilities that they may have, and this has a great positive impact on their overall health.”

No company has more experience than Hoveround in working with doctors, Medicare or your private insurance company to get you the right power chair, often for little to nothing out of pocket.*
Now it’s your turn to experience the difference Hoveround® can make in your life! 
Call the number on your screen right now (800-665-5449) to speak to a mobility expert. They will answer all your questions and take care of everything to get you on your way with your own Hoveround.  They’ll even go over how your insurance can pay for your Hoveround.  

The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll have your own Hoveround so you can be safer and more comfortable every single day.

Friendly mobility experts are standing-by, so call now and get ready to experience the Hoveround difference!  Call right now!   800-665-5449

So, what can a Hoveround do for you?

Martha Washington:
“We were able to remain living in our own home. You can’t put a price on that.”

Wayne King:
“You don’t really have to give up living because you don’t have your legs.  Hoveround replaced my legs.

Pat Swenson:
“I didn’t pay a penny for my Hoveround. Medicare and my insurance covered the entire cost of my chair.”
Sonny Murphy:
“I couldn’t do it without a Hoveround.”

You see, a Hoveround CAN change your life!
That’s WHY we want you to know about “The Hoveround Difference.”
We deliver more power wheelchairs than any other mobility company.  Assembled right here in U.S., we are proud to offer the best mobility products, supported with the greatest service in the industry, making Hoveround America’s #1 power chair company.
Hoveround is accredited by the Joint Commission, recognized nationwide as the Gold Standard and symbol of quality for meeting detailed performance standards, so people always experience –
– the safest, highest quality, and best-value healthcare.
[The Hoveround Difference]

Hoveround is the only company that builds, delivers and services its equipment.
We call it the Model of Total Responsibility, meaning we are 100% accountable for –
- the quality and reliability of our products and services.
From the first call, to delivery, to service down the road, you only ever have to call one number –
- and we take care of the whole thing.
If you or someone you know is struggling with mobility, the last thing they want to have to deal with is:

Who’s going to pay? 
How does this work?
How do we get the right chair? 
Will it fit in my home?
Will it be comfortable?
With Hoveround, you make one call, and we handle the whole thing.
The most important people at Hoveround are the mobility specialists. 
They’re the ones that have that direct contact, that relationship with our customers.  So if a customer is getting a chair, that person that delivers that chair, a year later will typically be the same person that comes and services your chair. 
They develop this bond with our customers.  That’s really the Hoveround Difference.
What is it that you want people to take away from this experience?

The number one thing is, is that, for them to know, that nobody will work harder, to make sure that they can maintain their independence and stay in in their homes, than the people at Hoveround.

We start with superior engineering standards, hand assembling each Hoveround, with the very best components, to meet each customer’s specific needs.

[Hoveround Reliability and Safety]

I am very proud of our reliability and safety. And it all starts in our factory with our torture chamber. 
We basically put the chair through the paces to simulate years of actual use.  But all the testing we do is designed to make sure that the chair won’t break -
- and the chair remains reliable.  

And if you need assistance, we’re here for you. With nearly 100 locations across the country, we can provide service for as long as you own your chair.

Best of all, you only ever have to call one number.  By working with Hoveround, you’re working Factory Direct.  No middleman! Just call Hoveround and we take care of the rest.

We deliver right in your own home, customize for a perfect fit, provide expert training, and will stay with you as long as you need until you are 100% comfortable with your new Hoveround.

Every Hoveround has a durable and rugged design, for years of worry free use.
Yet our engineering team continues to research and design more effective, innovative design features that all our power chairs have in common.

Hoveround’s newest models incorporate amazing maneuverability, with a reliability you can trust, for simple use both indoors and out.
And our inner-spring seating enhances your all day comfort.

Take a look at our complete line-up. The most popular chair is the MPV5!
Short for “Multi-Purpose Vehicle” – the MPV5 is designed for the utmost comfort and maneuverability, both indoors and out.

The MPV5 features Hoveround’s unique, “Round for a Reason” design, which provides the most spacious and comfortable chair with the smallest footprint possible. 
Hoveround is Round for a Reason, what exactly does that mean?

Well it’s kind of all in the name.

The places you are used to going… you can go to the same places in a Hoveround. That was our goal. How do we build a chair that can go everywhere people can walk?  ‘Round’ is what really made the difference.

So, “Round for a Reason” equals true mobility for people.


Unlike other motorized scooters, and chairs with square corners or bulky outriggers,
Hoveround’s compact and rounded-design enables

easy navigation around tight corners and through narrow spaces without damaging walls or furniture.

Other Hoveround models provide greater capacity, accommodating people of up to 600 pounds, all designed for smooth operation over different surface areas in a variety of environments.
Call us or visit our website to learn more about the complete line of Hoveround mobility products to see what design is right for you.
And it doesn’t stop there. Hoveround has designed many custom products and accessories to make your Hoveround experience even more rewarding by keeping you more comfortable and independent each and every day. 

From Home Accessibility products to travel accessories, we have you covered.
Call 800-665-5449 today, or visit our website, to learn more about customizing your Hoveround.

(The Process of getting your Hoveround)

Getting your mobility back with Hoveround is easy as 1-2-3.

We will ask you a few questions about your mobility needs, and gather your doctor and insurance information to see if you may qualify for insurance coverage.  We call your doctor and set up a Face-to-Face visit for your Mobility Consultation, and make sure your doctor has all the necessary paperwork to help you get your Hoveround.

Second is, Your Face-to-Face Consultation.
This is probably the most important step in the process. This is where you visit your own doctor for a Mobility Evaluation to determine if you qualify.

If you're unable to get around in your home to accomplish what we call your “Mobility Related Acts of Daily Living”, meaning that you're unable to get from the bed to the bathroom and to the kitchen, even with the use of a walker, cane or manual wheelchair, then you may qualify.

After your visit, Hoveround takes over and makes sure that we get all the paperwork we need from your physician.

We act as your advocate with Medicare or your insurance, never leaving your side, to try to get your power chair for little or nothing out of pocket.  No one has more experience or success in getting customers power chairs through insurance than Hoveround. 

And nobody will work harder to make sure you can maintain your independence and stay in your home than the people at Hoveround.

Third, Delivery, Training and Service.
At delivery, our Mobility Specialist will make the final adjustments to your custom power wheelchair for a perfect fit, and make sure there’s enough room to safely maneuver in and around your home.
He or she will train you how to safely use your new chair and stay as long as you need until you are 100% comfortable.  There’s no obligation, and if you aren’t 100% satisfied at delivery, we’ll take the chair back, no questions asked.

 Unlike other providers, we won’t refer you to third parties for repairs, or tell you to take it up with the manufacturer.  We are the manufacturer, and we’re here for you for as long as you own your chair.

Dr. Vliegenthart
Most of my patients tell me that they are sorry they waited so long. In fact, many people find that, uh, when they get a Hoveround their lives change positively in ways that they didn’t even realize.
 Now it’s your turn to experience the difference Hoveround can make in your life! 
Call the number on your screen right now to speak to a mobility expert.

They will answer all your questions and take care of everything to get you on your way with your own Hoveround. 

They’ll even go over how your insurance can pay for your Hoveround.  
The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll have your own Hoveround so you can be safer and more comfortable every single day. 

Friendly mobility experts are standing-by, so call now and get ready to experience the Hoveround difference!  Call right now!  

 (Michael singing)
“I love my Hoveround. Why do I love my Hoveround? Because it gets me there!.”