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November is National Caregivers Month: 5 Ways to Thank a Caregiver in Your Life

October 20, 2015

November is all about being thankful — so make sure to give thanks to the caregivers in your life! These 5 Ways to Thank a Caregiver in Your Life don’t have to be grand gestures (although they certainly can be!), but they are sure to help you let the caregivers in your life know how much they and the care they provide is appreciated! (Caregivers, don’t forget to take care of yourself, too!)

Hoveround is offering an opportunity for you to thank your caregiver this month — check out the Hoveround Caregiver Contest today!

1. Write a heartfelt letter

Being a caregiver is a rewarding, yet sometimes thankless, job. Caregivers know they are appreciated, but it is certainly heartwarming to actually hear someone say thanks. Let your caregiver know how much his or her efforts are appreciated — but be specific. Does your caregiver take you to the salon to get your hair done because she knows how happy it makes you? Does your caregiver make sure to keep your fridge and pantry stocked with your favorite beverages and treats? It may not seem like writing a letter is much to you, but rest assured that it will mean everything to your caregiver. Words from the heart are pretty much the best gift anyone can give.

2. Give a gift

We know you give lots of gifts when it comes to the holidays. But an unexpected gift means even more! And this is truly the time when it’s the thought that counts. Give your caregiver something that shows your appreciation, and is simply just for your caregiver:

  • Something to make life a little easier, like a gift certificate for a car wash or even a gas card
  • Something indulgent, like a mani/pedi appointment or gift certificate for a massage
  • Something fun, like tickets to a sporting event or theatrical performance
  • Something homemade, like a scarf or painted picture frame with a picture of the two of you inside

3. Food

We all like to eat. Especially when we’re not the ones doing the cooking or baking! If you’re up to the task, make a special treat for your caregiver. Some tasty truffles? Your special dip? Tried-and-true cookies? And even if dazzling others in the kitchen isn’t your thing, a basket of cupcakes or doughnuts certainly goes a long way to conveying your thanks! (So does a gift card to a nice restaurant!)

4. Encourage hobbies

Being a caregiver often means giving up your own hobbies, so make sure to take some time to talk to your caregiver about his or her own hobbies. Does your caregiver enjoy painting? Buy some supplies (and maybe the two of you can even spend some time painting together!). If your caregiver enjoys reading, purchase a new book (or even an Amazon gift card for a new e-book). Find out what your caregiver loves and encourage that. Then, give your caregiver some unexpected time off to go and enjoy some time alone to enjoy his or her hobby and recharge — with explicit instructions that the time isn’t to be used on errands or doing anything for anyone else.

5. Listen

Don’t we all just want to be heard? Caring for others is a selfless job, and it’s easy to lose yourself when you make others your top priority. Have conversations with your caregiver that are all about him or her. Take the stay-at-home mom as an example: She loves being home taking care of her children, but she also relishes the time she gets to have real conversations where someone is listening to what she says. Caregivers want to talk about their views on current events, their hopes and dreams, and even their worries. So give your caregiver a penny for his or her thoughts — and truly listen — every now and then!

Hoveround Makes Caregiving Easier

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