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Power Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts: Car Travel the Easy Way



There's no need to leave a power wheelchair at home when traveling by motor vehicle. With a rear-loading wheelchair car lift, your mobility power chair gets to go along with you for the ride.

Travel Easy with a Power Chair Vehicle Lift

An external, rear-mounted vehicle chair lift offers an incredibly convenient way to transport a motorized wheelchair by car. These lifts are strong, reliable, and don't require that much effort to use. Preparation for transport usually can be accomplished in just a few, simple steps.

1. Once hitched onto the vehicle1, connect the lift to the power source 2Two tie-down ratchets secure your Hoveround
2. Position and secure the power wheelchair onto the lift platform base
3. Initiate the lift to raise the power chair off the ground

When it’s time to unload the power wheelchair, just engage the lift to lower itself for easy access to the power chair.

    Rear-Loading HOVERLIFT® for Vehicles from Hoveround

    The HOVERLIFT for Vehicles is one of the most compact and lightweight chair lifts available. This rear-loading lift features just two ratchet tie-downs (instead of the usual four), and fully-weatherized, single-switch operation.

    For even more ease-of-use, the HOVERLIFT power chair lift is powered directly through the charging port of the power wheelchair3, located on the underside of the Hoveround joystick controller. Most other car lifts require complex installation and a wired connection to the vehicle's battery in order to function.

    Additionally, rear-hitched power chair lifts are among the safest ways to load a power wheelchair for road travel. There is less risk of injury from oncoming traffic and no curbside obstructions.

    Truly, this power wheelchair vehicle lift is virtually hassle-free.Bonus Power Chair Cover

    To learn how to get the best vehicle chair lift for transporting a Hoveround by car, truck or other suitable vehicle, call a Hoveround Mobility Specialist at 1-800-308-9295.

    When you call, be sure to ask about the free power chair cover4 for protecting your Hoveround from the elements!




    1 Professional installation of a rear-mounted hitch may be necessary. Not all motor vehicles are suited for hitch mounts. Consult the vehicle chair lift provider for specific information on compatible hitch classes and installation as warranted.
    2 Source of power connection will vary among individual types of wheelchair vehicle lifts.
    3Simple charging port connection applies to the HOVERLIFT for Vehicles only. Other vehicle chair lifts may require alternate connection modes.
    4 Free cover with purchase of a HOVERLIFT for Vehicles. Protective cover fits Hoveround MPV5 and Teknique FWD power chairs only. Call for details.

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